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Quick Tips

Jayantt Jocci with his experience and knowledge has guided many towards successful and contented lives. He says, “Just like physical ailments need proper prescribed medicines, disorders ailing life also need accurate ritual and the correct procedures.”

He imparts a few tips that can be easily followed

  1. If one is affected by both Manglik Dosh and Kaal Sarp Dosh, chaos is sure to ensue. People afflicted with this issue should do Surya Darshan (paying tribute to the sun), once these disorders are ritualistically fixed up.

  2. People suffering from child issues should never offend a widow. An unintentional offence can also increase your child’s problems.

  3. A faulty or affected northeast corner can be the cause of lifelong financial distress and defamation. After ceremonially fixing up this issue, drain 750 ml of milk in flowing water, with your face towards the east.

  4. If your property is lost or stolen, then you should contribute to physical service (Shareerik Seva), at Lord Shiva’s temple or any other religious foundation, on that very day.

  5. Never keep brooms, pastry boards and rollers (chakla and belan) and stoves in the quantity of three.

  6. Remembering your presiding deity (Esht Dev) or Guru in the early hours of morning will keep you safe from all ill. Chant your Guru’s name every day.

  7. Donate to the poor and needy.

  8. Never put your footwear on somebody else’s footwear. Doing so can causes psychological anguish and affects your memory.

  9. Women should never engage in unnecessary conflicts with boys or girls younger to them. Their annoyance can cause deterioration of respectability and pain in the legs.

  10. After returning from a cemetery (shamshaan bhumi), wash your mouth and body thoroughly or else it might hamper your life ahead.

  11. Dripping of water from the roof of the house can be the source of accumulating debt. Dripping of water in your office or factory leads to degeneration of business.

  12. Avoid using of somebody else’s clothes, footwear or mat. It can lead to various hindrances in life.